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in white, black and more!

The timelessness of marble

A marble countertop for refined style

People have been using marble for many years in indoor spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms, as it’s equally suitable for use in counters and floors. It’s a dense, heat-resistant material that will lend your home an aspect that’s luxurious, elegant, luminous and sumptuous. With a marble countertop, you’ll enjoy the perfect combination of durability and esthetic appeal.

At Castel Granite & Quartz, we offer you marble countertops made from only the highest-quality meticulously selected stone, and we offer them at unbeatable prices. We avail of a vast selection of marble in various designs, textures and colors, so whether you’re looking for black, white or another color of marble countertops in Montreal, we have just the stone you need!

comptoir en marbre blanc

White marble for a soothing design

White marble, whose beauty is incomparable, timeless and classic, works perfectly as both a counter and a flooring material in bathrooms and kitchens, regardless of whether they feature a traditional or modern style. Thanks to its ability to make a room appear larger than it is, white marble is a popular choice for illuminating any surface, large or small. You can create a harmonious, exquisite kitchen with the addition of white marble countertops. If you’d like to add a warm, elegant, minimalist aspect to your kitchen, you can also combine white marble countertops with wood cabinets and furnishings.
comptoir en marbre noir

Creating a play of contrasts with black marble

These days, black marble has become increasingly popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. With black marble countertops, you’ll create a style that’s refined, modern and elegant. When used in a play of contrasts with white design elements, black marble stands out beautifully. For an incredible selection of marble countertops in Montreal, including solid black marble and black marble with white veins, come visit the magnificent Castel Granite & Quartz showroom. Our expert designer will be happy to give you all the valuable advice you need to create a unique décor with black marble countertops.