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The unique character of a granite counter

The charm of granite

Granite is a stone that people have been using for centuries in both interior and exterior design projects, especially when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms and floors. This all-natural stone offers exceptional beauty and durability, making it a material of choice when you want to add value and a timeless aspect to your home. Given its natural resilience, a granite countertop will be highly resistant to sunlight, stains, scratches, fractures, abrasion and heat. What’s more, maintenance couldn’t be simpler!
sélection de granit

A vast selection of granite in Montreal

At Castel Granite & Quartz, we make our granite countertops from only the highest-quality stone, which our specialists choose with meticulous care. As a result, we can offer you high-grade granite counters of incomparable quality at unbeatable prices.

We have more than 50 available colors, including Alaska White, Titanium Black, Antique Brown, Kashmir Gold and Cambrian Black, as well as numerous shades of black, white and orange, among others. Come visit our superb showroom in Montreal, where you’ll find an incredible selection of over a thousand slabs. What’s more, our experienced designer will be more than happy to provide you with all the expert advice you need. Castel Granite & Quartz is one of the top granite suppliers, so you’re sure to find the color you want for your granite countertops.

Incomparable service in granite counters

At Castel Granite & Quartz, we offer you top-quality service in the design and installation of granite countertops in Montreal. In fact, thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our technicians, we can guarantee you impeccable results.

To ensure that we measure and cut your granite countertops precisely, we use cutting-edge high-performance equipment, including lasers and CNC machines. During the installation process, our courteous, certified technicians will perform meticulous finishing work to ensure that all of the seams in your granite counters are virtually invisible.